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04 December

A New Volunteer

Loop Ministries Welcomes Ashley Schultz to our Volunteer Team! Ashley was raised outside of Binghamton, NY in a large family of all girls. After graduating high school, she attended SUNY Geneseo for Geography and Urban Studies. Later she attended Graduate School in Ohio, pursuing a master’s degree in Geography. After

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Posted by Monica Rodriguez
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As summer draws to a close and temperatures (ever so slowly) begin to drop, food and clothing become all the more important—and Loop Ministries provided generous helpings of both during our Food for the Soul luncheon on September 25th. As everyone

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Posted by Chuck Hasenauer
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My name is John and I am from Georgia. In 1976 I moved to Rochester mostly for my family. While in Rochester I have done food service for about 45 years. I have several master degrees, one in culinary arts, one in

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Posted by Arleen Thaler
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On January 23rd, Loop Ministries once again hosted our monthly Food for the Soul Luncheon. Guests were welcomed with adorable snowman centerpieces (made by team of helpers from Lifetime Assistance and our volunteer coordinator, Doris Gaspar) and shared a

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Posted by Lindsay Gange
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The Loop Ministries Food Program serves people ranging from childhood through late life. We serve the physically and mentally disabled, U.S. Veterans, and multiple orientations and ethnicities, predominantly African American, Caucasian, and Hispanic. Regarding employment, those who come are unemployed, partially employed, and “under” employed, indicating that a full time

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Posted by Daryl Staneck
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